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About Us

Tailoring History

Our master tailors are working for generations to enhance their skills and understand trick of tailoring to fit you well. Each garment takes a 70+ hour journey to attain best fit and cut. Our style consultant with decades of experience in measurement can decode your body measurements for our tailors. With updated knowledge of latest style and trends, they help you make best selection to fit your needs and latest styling trends.

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The bespoke process begins with our clients discussing their sartorial needs and wishes with one of our tailors. They will advise on appropriate clothing and function and assist in selecting suitable cloths from our extensive range of patterns and linings. After that, the actual construction starts. Major steps involved in making a bespoke suit are measurements, drafting a paper pattern, cutting the selected cloth as per those papers, trimming the cloth according to your body shape and hand stitching of different parts all together. What makes your suit great actually hides behind the lining. To make sure Panache clothes last for years we use best quality buckram, horsehair, interlining , linen, Bamberg lining to make a durable product. Our trousers are lined till the knee and supported with extra rip inside waist band which holds your shirts from coming out of trouser easily. An extra cotton ham is added in crotch to protect you inner thighs fabric from wearing off. This ham could be changed with bigger fabric or Bamberg if clients complaint of loosing trousers quickly under crotch.

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Edge with Fabrics

We start with the raw materials in fabrics. The traditional mystery of quality in the finished product depends wholly on the quality of the raw materials. It’s an extremely simple fact and it’s one which is confirmed by every product carrying the fabric’s name that are used by Panache. So, the real main characters are the raw materials: wool, cashmere, mohair, silk. Nothing can compare with the marvellous characteristics of these natural fibres. Important for the volume of their purchases, for the variety of materials bought and for their continuity of purchasing. Even more, they are important for the quality of the raw materials bought by the world class brands that we are using.We’ve hand-picked the top 6 fabrics for creating that perfect suit, and get heads turning in all the right ways. It’s important to consider the breathability of the fabric depending on the time of year you’ll wear it; no one wants to be sweating through a high-quality suit in the height of Summer. Also take the softness of your fabric into consideration. wants to be irritated all over by itchy suit trousers or feel like a robot in a super stiff outfit.

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